Makeup Envy

I envy men.

Not in the power-grabbing, pants-wearing, pay-raise kind of way - though the latter would be nice. No. It’s the no-fuss lifestyle which sees me turn green when I see my other half showered, spruced and ready for work in minutes while I scramble around with cleanser, concealer, mascara and GHDs for an hour before feeling ‘presentable’.

I have heard of women who sneak out of bed early in the morning to apply makeup so their partners don’t catch them - shock horror - looking normal see here. And I remember as a child watching my Mum countless times applying a plethora of makeup products just to head to the supermarket.

I may be a little slow to catch on, but I’m finally grasping with both hands the no-makeup trend that swept through Hollywood last year see here. Battling with mild acne for the first part of my teenage years, and then the pockmark scars in the latter part, I always longed for a day when I would feel comfortable sans makeup. I would long for the carefree attitude of my friends who bore their perfectly smooth glowing skin for all to see, and wore their hair just so, while I battled to control frizz and flyaways (even after straightening).

I finally decided enough was enough when I turned 25, a sort of coming-of-age into adulthood. I would wear my hair loose after washing, admiring my previously hidden waves and ringlets and thought - this is good.

I also managed to reduce my foundation-full face down to a bare concealer over the odd spot and over under-eye circles. It took a year until I fully did away with makeup altogether during the day and really let my hair down. I’m not sure how I feel about the result. Sure I can spend a little longer in bed in the mornings and forego washing my face at night, but is my new look confident and relaxed or sloppy and lazy? I tell myself it’s the former.

(I'm holding a slice of homemade bacon and egg pie here, in case you're wondering.
Ironically it was hard to find pics of me sans makeup...)

But I have a little secret: I colour my eyebrows with dye or pencil for a more made-up look and recently I got my eyelashes tinted for the first time. I would have struggled to stop wearing mascara every day otherwise. Both treatments cost me $40 and last a month.

  (Guilty as charged)

So have I really embraced the worry-not, fancy-free look of the other sex? Or am I merely kidding myself so I can save time in the mornings? Either way, I’m enjoying having a bit more time to myself, I feel better in my skin and believe my skin is feeling better too. At the start of the year I battled this:

(Perioral dermatitis - as painful as it looks)

It was a result of too many cosmetics, my dermatologist told me. It didn't help that when it first appeared, my GP prescribed me steroids!! Anyway, it was a wake-up call to the care I need to take in what I put on, and in my body. We’re not designed to take in so many chemicals each day.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love dolling myself up for a night out - foundation, blush, eyeliner, lippy - the works. I like that all these things make a change from the way I usually look into something a little more special. But I don’t want to rely on cosmetics just to feel presentable.


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