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Jason Kerrison's talent for survival

Jason Kerrison made a calculated risk before putting himself in the public eye. If attention was what he wanted, he surely got it. The singer and guitarist created his own maelstrom by announcing plans to build an "ark" in preparation of the end of the Mayan calendar year. Anticipated by doomsdayers as the end of the world, December 21, 2012 rolled past without a glitch. A year on, Kerrison's views remain largely unchanged. "I absolutely stand by those beliefs I had then," says the frontman of rock-pop outfit OpShop and founder of funk-groove band The Babysitters Circus. "The whole concept of it being the end of the world . . . I never said that. What I did say was it's the end of time, that's an entirely different thing. It's the end of the calendar and the start of a whole new sequence. "The Gregorian calendar will catch up one day." OpShop's hugely successful 2011 album was titled Until the End of Time, hinting of