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Officials' Drinks - It's Your Shout

Michelle Robinson, Marika Hill & Kirsty Johnston Taxpayers are coughing up thousands of dollars to welcome public servants into the government's embrace - then spending even more on boozy farewells when they leave. Figures obtained under the Official Information Act show that almost half a million dollars of public money went on morning tea shouts, powhiri and farewell parties over the past three years. The amount of $453,450 is a conservative estimate as many government-funded organisations - including the police - refused to answer questions, preferring to keep their spending secret. Other organisations could provide only the figures for the most recent event held, due to a lack of detailed accounting reports into workplace shouts and cultural occasions. This was despite State Services Commissioner Iain Rennie saying transparency was crucial to maintaining a high level of public trust in state services. The Sunday Star-Times investigation into “morning tea tax” fou