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Giddy Up! Horses for Main Courses

While scandal continues to swirl in Britain over horsemeat discovered fraudulently swapped for beef in ready-made meals, Kiwis are going out of their way to knowingly buy and eat horse. Chopped up and bagged horsemeat intended for pet food is sold in South Auckland's Saturday morning Mangere Market. But people are buying it to eat themselves. Olive Fahamokioa bought an 18kg box worth $50 yesterday, enough to last her extended family of 10 for a month. She let the Sunday Star-Times try some. Our verdict? A rich flavour, sweet and delicate. Quite different from the mundane lamb or beef. After cutting the meat into 600- to 800-gram slabs, Fahamokioa oven-roasted the horse on high at 250 degreesC for more than an hour. She then shredded it and added salt, onions and coconut cream, wrapping it in tinfoil to boil until soft. The result?A popular Pacific dish known as lo'i hosi, which is eaten at community gatherings. Fahamokioa said it's leaner and healthier tha