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Kiwis Eating the Easy Option

The days of the local fish and chippie could be numbered as more Kiwis turn towards big name burger brands and ethnic flavours. Sales data obtained by the Sunday Star-Times show every man, women and child - on average - is consuming around 3kg of fat through fast food a year: the weight of a newborn baby. Each week, the average Kiwi eats the equivalent of two Big Macs with fries, industry sales figures show. A family of four spends an average $2000 a year on fast food - enough for a large plasma TV or holiday in Sydney. You could also wipe a month's worth of mortgage repayments for an average $360,000 home loan. The figures paint a picture of our increasing reliance on convenience food, Auckland University population health associate professor Cliona Ni Mhurchu said. "I think it's typical of what's happening overseas, people are working more outside the home." Studies in the United States and Britain show households are increasing the portion of incom