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Conchords Take on Flying Form

From the distant future - the year 2000, to the more innocent time of 1353 - the Flight of the Conchords took its vocal Auckland audience on a journey through the ages. Kiwi comedy folk duo Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie kicked off electro-pop disco beat 'Too Many Dicks on the Dancefloor', complete with high-tech sound effects and a cameo rap from their good friend and American TV co-star Dave Mohumbhai aka Arj Barker. The tune brought immediate cheers mingled with laughter from the hundreds of vocal fans gathered in the Auckland Town Hall. Donning cardboard box hats, Clement and McKenzie cleverly swivelled their headgear around to reveal silver aluminium foil robot hats which matched their shiny shirts for their classic futuristic tune 'Humans are Dead'. "We got the idea from Gaga," they said of the costume change. Another quick change saw the boys swap into simple, colourful plaid shirts and receive a wipe down from 'Matt the hairdresser tu