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Jessica, the Occupational Nurse with Clout

She wanted to work from home while she cared for her baby, now three years later occupational health nurse Jessica Clout owns Taranaki’s largest health and safety company. The 31 year old owner of Working for Health is in her husband’s words “superwoman”. The kind of person who works a fulltime job then comes home to finish off paperwork and play with the kids before collapsing into bed at 2am. “Haha, I’m learning how to be better at that,” Jessica says. “As we’ve continued to grow I’ve managed to engage some supportive staff to help me.” It hasn’t always been that way. Readers might remember Jessica’s husband Daniel. The couple were preparing to welcome their first daughter Ayla into the world when Daniel’s much-maligned car clamping business turned sour. At the lowest point, Daniel received daily death threats from those angry about having their tyres clamped. He was spat on, held in a choke hold and even received an open head wound from a vicious beating. He was also ha

Health fraud duo stay in jobs

Two healthcare workers who forged prescriptions for three years to obtain medication to send overseas have kept their jobs. Joel Razon, 39, and Carlo Manlutac, 27, are still employed by Te Puna Hauora Primary Health Organisation on Auckland's North Shore despite being convicted of charges involving thousands of dollars worth of medication. Health Minister Tony Ryall and Waitemata District Health Board officials both said the men's employment was none of their business. Te Puna Hauora general manager Lyvia Marsden said the organisation had "put policies in place" to prevent further offending, and the Ministry of Health was satisfied. Asked why the pair were still with the organisation, she said: "Why shouldn't they? Where else are they supposed to work?" Marsden said the matter had been dealt with confidentially and she had no concerns about the way it had been handled. "We have not broken the law," she said. "All is well."