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Jono and Ben on Making Radio Waves

It's strange to be interviewing Jono Pryor and Ben Boyce. Several times Pryor turns it around so he's interviewing me. "Do you guys always meet people here for pizza? What are you guys doing after this? Is Stuff going behind a paywall?" Pryor peppers us with questions as he chauffeurs us up the mount in his legendary black 1970s Holden Kingswood. It's back to black, having recently been painted a vibrant pink in a Boyce-ordered prank. The presenters of late-night current affairs spoof Jono and Ben at Ten are facing the challenge of capturing two types of audience. They are branching out their TV show to include the hardcore fans of drivetime rock radio. Tall, thin, buzz-cut and jeans-clad, the comic presenters take the piss as they pose for photos. "Is it too late to pull out?" Boyce asks. "They caught me at a low point." The move to replace Pryor's deep-voiced, decade-long co-host Robert Taylor with Boyce has attracted a legio